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Soft Power and Shawarma: Hicksville

Soft Power and Shawarma: Hicksville

Sajed Bhandari

I almost drove off Old Country Road and hit the sidewalk by Blimpies the other day.  Driving on Long Island, I expect to see the random pedestrian or a busboy riding his bike to his job.  But the other day I was driving back from somewhere and what I saw was the greatest thing ever.  An old white restaurant truck with bright letters advertising Halal Meat! (This is when I almost drove off the road.)  In any case, I did not get around to eating there until a few days later but this is my quick review of the gyro stand.  This place was so good I ended up having it twice in the same week.   I watch Food Network and Travel Channel like it is crack, but for the life of me I would never be able to write a review the way those guys do it.  Not because they are professional writers and I am a budding accountant, but because I either like a dish or I do not.  I have a hard time describing all the layers of flavor or what have you—as I said I either like it or I don’t.  And this, this I liked.

Who: SVM Halal something or other

What: Gyros, chicken, rice, falafels and combo platters

Where: Abandoned Gas Station on the corner of Newbridge Road and Old Country Road in Hicksville

When: Monday through Saturday – 11AM to 9PM

Sunday- 11 AM to 6 PM

Why: I ordered a combo platter with bbq, white and hot sauce.  Chicken was actually good—only the second time in my life where the chicken was delicious at one of these places.  The Gyro was cut thick and not dried out.  The rice was a yellow pilaf type of thing. The platter is served with grilled peppers and onions (def gets a plus for this.)

Recommendation: This is definitely my favorite stand until I find something better. I like it and if you’re my friend you’ll go too.  Side Note: Ran into this white girl and her mother who has been there five times in the two weeks this place has been open.  Had a good conversation with them while we waited for our food in the cold!  I’m glad we finally have something like this on LI (first one I know of).





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December 28, 2010 at 12:06 am

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